Conveyor cleaning systems built to last

When you invest in a conveyor belt steam cleaner from KHD, you are making a long term investment into a piece of machinery that has been designed for longevity. Our business ethos is built on the following principles:

  • Expert design
  • No compromise materials
  • Trusted and established parts suppliers
  • Skilled manufacturing and assembly
  • Thorough testing and quality control at our UK factory
  • Ongoing servicing and support for our customers for the lifetime of the machine


Upgrade, don’t scrap

When pressure steam cleaners begin to show the inevitable signs of wear and tear after years of hard use, KHD encourages customers to refurbish or upgrade their machines to keep them in great working order. It is tempting to consider older equipment out of date when machinery still has years of potential left in it. 

Yes, some parts may need replacing as part of the refurbishment or upgrade. For example silicone squeegees on flat belt cleaners are easily replaced and new features like spinners can be added to turbo-charge your Jet System for modular belts. Even older steam generators can be brought up to date with integrated features found on current models.

If you are making a brand new purchase with us we can look at any existing equipment you might have already to bring it up to date.


Zero obsolescence at KHD

Machinery obsolescence is when equipment is no longer available from the original supplier for production or repair. It’s something food companies should consider when making a decision for purchasing new equipment.

With KHD, any of our machines made in the last 27 years can be serviced. We’ll work with whichever model you have, and treat it with the highest level of care. That’s one less thing for you to worry about when it comes to obsolescence planning and sourcing machinery.


CO2 spread out over many years

As businesses take a closer look at their carbon footprint, they should consider machinery lifespan. Remember that the carbon emissions generated when producing new equipment are less damaging to the environment if that equipment lasts many years. KHD is also investing in low waste manufacturing techniques as part of driving towards a more sustainable future.

Much like the cost of an expensive coat is less costly if you wear it for decades, you will spread the CO2 emitted to make the CIP system out over a long period of time.

Of course this also ties into corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ever tightening sustainability regulations. Good, sustainable businesses make good, long lasting machinery purchases. 


Lifelong access to KHD experts

When you buy from KHD, you get more than well-designed industrial steamers for cleaning, you get lifelong support and advice from the experts at KHD. This makes all the difference when machinery needs servicing or maintenance. We can extend the lifespan of equipment and restore machinery to its optimal performance. 


Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, explore our product range of steam generators and conveyor belt cleaners.  To discuss your options, call us or use the contact form here, and we’ll get back to you.