Engineers, have a quick chat with the hygiene team

If you are an engineer tasked with creating efficient food production lines, you will no doubt focus on the core machinery such as belts, processing systems and associated equipment. While these choices are vital if you want to ensure maximum output for the business, there is something else that is just as important: cleanability


Before you hit the ground running purchasing all the equipment you think you might need, we would recommend that you have a conversation with the hygiene team on their cleaning requirements. They know what they need, and will have experienced the consequences of difficult cleaning challenges in the past. Use their knowledge to your advantage.


Ask them:

  • Will your team be able to efficiently clean this machinery?
  • Is there anything in our plans that stands out as potentially problematic?
  • Would your team benefit from an automated CIP cleaner or steam sanitiser machine?


If the chat reveals that a conveyor belt steam cleaner would be helpful, it is better to know ahead of time. That way, you can really think about making this process the best it can be for high productivity. 


Conveyor belt steam cleaners

Conveyor belt cleaners are designed to make hygiene practices as easy and as effective as possible in the bread and bakery industries. They use saturated dry steam to sterilise conveyor belts as they pass through the belt cleaner system. 


The hygiene team doesn’t have to rely on manual labour to brush clean the conveyor belts, instead they are empowered to take on the more satisfying work of using and managing automated cleaning machinery. The cleaning team will thank you for transforming the time-consuming and resource-hungry task of keeping conveyor belts clean.


Consider the wider business benefits of good cleaning

As it’s your job to design a production line that makes the most money, remember that cleaning can cost a lot if not planned for appropriately.  One of our customers was discarding and replacing a long belt every 6 weeks due to it being impossible to clean. With our equipment, the client hugely increased the lifespan of the belt before it had to be replaced, resulting in ROI in just 6 months.


Less belt replacement means less downtime, less cost and more production. 


Ready to know more?

If you would like to know more before you have this conversation with the hygiene team, explore our product range of steam generators and conveyor belt cleaners.  

To discuss your options, call us or drop your details into the contact form here, and we’ll get back to you.