The key to maximising the deployment of conveyor cleaning equipment in food factories

Walk into any food factory and you will see a vast number of conveyors in differing sizes and configurations. Some conveyors are well suited to a dedicated in-line belt cleaner, and KHD has products for that purpose, but portability provides an opportunity for wider deployment.

Every portable KHD product is designed with real-world objectives:- quick to set up; effective cleaning results; easy to move between conveyors; hygienic design; and simple for operators.

Designing for Portability

Designing for portability is a challenge that is not immediately obvious until it is done right. To be useful the conveyor cleaners need to be effective on different widths of belt and different structures. KHD’s significant industrial design expertise is combined with over twenty years of hands-on, real-world experience developing cleaning applications for the food industry. In that time, we have walked many factory floors, observed production and cleaning, talked to cleaners, engineers, and managers about routines and the challenges they face. The KHD portfolio is designed to offer portable solutions to automate time-consuming tasks in food contact areas, targeting tasks that are repeated across different production lines, sites, and factories.

KHD Portable Brushless System

KHD portable steam generators are optimised for belt cleaning with special features built-in to facilitate a quick and tidy setup. Typically a system can be set up within the time it takes the steam generator to reach pressure (less than five minutes).  Removal is even quicker.  Systems are designed to be set up and operated where possible, by one person. For larger conveyor structures a second person may be required to lift the cleaning head in place. By careful selection of food-safe materials and attention to design, we ensure that our systems are both robust and reduced weight, making them easy to use for most staff in different locations. Purpose-designed trolleys make it easy to move and store equipment.

KHD portable equipment

Carefully Selected Materials

Cleaning the cleaning equipment is vitally important, especially for portable equipment moved between lines. Clean-ability is fundamentally addressed for all KHD products at the design stage and all materials are carefully selected for food environments. 

Returning to the first point, walk into a food factory and you see multiple conveyor belts. Having a well-thought-out portable product range that adapts to different sizes and structures ensures food factories have the right tools for wide deployment on the vast array of belts in a very affordable way. A portable solution allows companies to start with one or two units before upscaling as productivity gains become evident. 

If you are looking for maximum flexibility then consider investing in proven portable solutions.  

KHD can easily demonstrate the potential on your own conveyor belts, showing you in a real time test that we can clean your target belts to a standard equal or better than you currently achieve. Apply your preferred quality test and see for yourself.