Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

Optimise your productivity by keeping conveyor belts clean and functioning properly. Although simple to some, we know the function and sizes across conveyor belts is vast, with no single belt cleaner solution fit for every type.

Conveyor Belt Cleaner Range

Conveyor belt systems are mostly designed as a bespoke solution to fit specific factory requirements. The design, therefore, needs to address a complex array of factors, including:

  • food type
  • physical factors
  • speed
  • duty cycle
  • materials
  • local environment
  • original manufacturer

That is why we offer a range of belt cleaners to tackle multiple types of conveyor belts, to ensure we have a solution for almost every scenario, and almost every customer.

KHD Technology has the largest steam-based conveyor belt cleaner range anywhere in the world. Our range of innovative belt cleaners is used globally in various types of production facilities and factories. From dedicated fixed systems to portable belt cleaners, we have a system to handle the widest range of jobs.

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Saturated Steam for Belt Cleaning

The careful use of saturated steam is at the core of every KHD conveyor belt steam cleaning system. KHD understands how to manipulate and deliver steam in dry or wet form to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, without requiring harsh chemicals. Simply hook up the cleaner to a steam generator and start cleaning. Using as little as 10-30 litres of tap water per hour, KHD solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly, and can even be used during food production.

We aim to make it quick and easy to slot a KHD system into your existing regime. Our no-compromise approach means we can tailor our steam conveyor belt cleaners to your unique needs.

Every system supplied by KHD Technology has been built to the highest design standards, and we are constantly developing new exciting applications and adding to our product offering.

Modular Mesh Conveyor Belt Cleaners

For plastic and metal belts

Mesh conveyor belts are a popular choice in food production facilities. However, cleaning them can be a challenge. KHD Technology supplies a cleaning solution specifically for mesh conveyor belts.

How to Clean Mesh Conveyor Belts

Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners

For polymer belts including PU and monolithic

The Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners from KHD Technology are available both with brush and brushless to provide the most effective and efficient conveyor belt cleaning solutions.

Using Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Fixed Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners

For polymer belts

Part of our powerful steam conveyor belt cleaning range, the return-mounted Fixed Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners are available for single or double-sided cleaning.

Cleaning Your Polymer Conveyor Belts

Special Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Bespoke solutions

Require a specially designed steam cleaning solution for your conveyor belt system? Find out more here.

Custom Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

Which Conveyor Belt Cleaner Do You Need?

The best conveyor belt cleaner for you will depend on your requirements. Fixed or portable? Mesh or flat? Select a product to learn more, or call us on +44 07966 447770.

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Why Choose a KHD Conveyor Belt Cleaner?

Our conveyor belt cleaners are designed to prevent issues that could result in production downtime.

By regularly cleaning your conveyor belt system you’ll prevent produce carryback. Particles of produce left in the system can lead to microbes. The carryback can also build up and cause the tracks to misalign or wear unevenly.

With regular steam cleaning the build-up is reduced and the uptime of your machinery is maintained.

Choose KHD conveyor belt cleaners to help maximise the productivity of your production plant.

We’re happy to help find the correct cleaning system for your manufacturing plant, get in touch.

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