Portable For Flat Belt Cleaning

Ideal for light to medium debris, often found in food preparation facilities, the portable steam conveyor belt cleaner works without a brush whilst still providing the highest quality cleaning.

Steam is evenly distributed across a full-width manifold to break down debris and sanitise the belt surface. A vacuum then quickly removes the debris leaving the belt surface dry and ready to use, perfect for food production facilities.



Features and specifications

Steam generator
9kW – 36kW
Via steam generator
Conveyor widths
Virtually any size
12kg for cleaning head 1000mm model
Typical water usage
7 – 13kg/hr 9kW steam generator 10 – 26kg/hr 18kW steam generator
Steam pressure
Up to 10 Bar
The portable design means the system can be utilised across facilities, used on multiple belts of similar width within 250mm. KHD Technology belt cleaning solutions are designed to fit into your existing cleaning regime and deliver dramatic improvements in productivity.

Which cleaner do you need?

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