Industrial Steam Cleaning with the KHD09 Steam Generator

The 9kW steam generator is our entry-level steam cleaning option. It is ideal for powering our small to medium-sized flat conveyor belt steam cleaners, resulting in mid-level industrial-scale steam cleaning. This steam generator is ideal for use in applications where light to medium debris is present, for example, confectionery, oil residue, or baked food with a low adhesion. 


This 9kW model has a 20L onboard water reservoir which means you can work anywhere, provided you have a power supply. The steam generator has the ability to connect to a continuous external mains water fill, ensuring a constant supply, this makes it simple and easy to clean longer conveyor belts without the need to refill the onboard water reservoir.


The generator itself features both belt cleaning controls and external steam control, so it is simple and easy to manage the cleaning of your belts. With integrated 24VDC and 230VAC (10A max) power outputs, water usage levels of up to 13.2L/hr (dry), and 18L/hr max (wet), general cleaning lances and detail brushes, the KHD09 is an ideal steam generator for a range of uses.


KHD09 Industrial Steam Cleaning - Steam Generator



  • 20L onboard water reservoir
  • Continuous external mains water fill
  • Belt cleaning controls
  • External steam control
  • 24VDC power output (10A max)
  • 230VAC power output (10A max)
  • General cleaning lance and detail brushes
  • Comprehensive optional accessories available

Benefits of the KHD09 Industrial Cleaning Steam Generator

Health & Safety

By using high concentrated steam to clean your conveyor belts you’ll drastically reduce the number of bacteria and mould build-up.

Reduced Energy Use

Not only does the steam cleaning generator use less energy than traditional water and chemical cleaning methods, a clean conveyor uses less energy to operate.

Safe & Chemical Free

Steam cleaning is safe to use and chemical-free, making it the perfect food-safe cleaning solution.

Features and specifications

Power Socket
16A three phase (5 x pin)
Water usage
13.2L/hr max (dry), 18L/hr max (wet)
Steam pressure
10 Bar
Net weight
Size (L x W x H)
88 x 60 x 110cm
Heating Time
4 minutes

Which Cleaner Do You Need?

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