KHD18 Industrial Steam Cleaner

About the KHD18 High-pressure Steam Generator

Our 18kW high-power steam generator provides all the same benefits and features as the mid-level 9kW option, but with a 40L on-board reservoir to improve supply. 


With max water usage of 26.4L/hr max (dry) and 36L/hr max (wet), the 18kW generator is perfect for providing comprehensive cleaning for belt debris and dirt which requires a bit more force. 


With all models of our steam generators, they are portable, allowing you to work anywhere, provided you have a power supply. Although this model has a 40L on-board reservoir you can also connect to a continuous external mains water fill, ensuring a constant supply. This feature allows you to clean longer conveyor belts without the need to refill the onboard reservoir. Our equipment is used in factories with conveyor belts ranging from 10m to 1km, with belt widths from 200mm to over 2m, however, the cleaning area is limitless, therefore we added the ability for continuous water supply for unattended cleaning


The generator has been designed to work specifically with our conveyor belt cleaners, they, therefore, feature belt cleaning and external steam control making it easy to manage the cleaning of your belts.


industrial steam cleaner



  • 40L onboard water reservoir
  • Continuous external mains water fill
  • Belt cleaning controls
  • External steam control
  • 24VDC power output (10A max)
  • 230VAC power output (10A max)
  • General cleaning lance and detail brushes
  • Comprehensive optional accessories available

KHD18 High Power Industrial Steam Cleaner Applications

When combined with our conveyor belt cleaning products this high power steam generator is suitable for mesh conveyor belts, modular conveyor belts and flat conveyor belts


We’d recommend using the 18kW version of the steam generator for applications that require additional force to remove stubborn debris. For example, in confectionery factories, and in bakeries where the ingredients may leave a sticky residue on the conveyor belt.


When using tap water, converted to steam, as the cleaning agent, sanitation is achieved without the need for chemicals, therefore there are few limitations for the applications the steam generator can be used in.

Features and specifications

Power Socket
32A three phase (5 x pin)
Water usage
26.4L/hr max (dry), 36L/hr max (wet)
Steam pressure
10 Bar
Net weight
Size (L x W x H)
104 x 70 x 110cm

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