How automated conveyor cleaning systems address the four Ds of robotisation

The 4 D’s of robotisation are used to describe the nature of tasks that are primary candidates for robotic automation.

The rise of artificial intelligence and advancements in robotics are constantly expanding the scope of what robots can handle, meaning that the generally ‘undesirable’ tasks that are undertaken across a range of industries will be conducted by robotic systems, replacing human involvement.

The four D’s of robotisation stand for:


This entails tasks that are considered repetitive, monotonous and require little to no creativity or problem solving ability. Examples may include assembly line work or sorting items in a warehouse.


These tasks involve working in unsanitary conditions or exposure to unpleasant materials. This could include cleaning sewage systems, handling waste or work conducted in a dusty or polluted environment.


Tasks that involve a high risk of injury to workers. Examples include working at sea, working in high-voltage electrical settings, working at height and high speed factory machinery.


Work that requires expensive skills or highly specialised training. Tasks of this nature can be costly to maintain a human workforce for. This work may include precision surgery, complex welding or constant conveyor belt replacement.

Manual conveyor belt cleaning certainly upholds the four Ds.


Leading solutions

Conveyors are fundamental to most food production facilities.  If they are not working there is no production. It is therefore clear that robotisation of tasks that keep them operational are going to be key to keep production moving across the factory.

Keeping conveyors clean is what consumers expect, and an essential part of regulatory compliance. Cleanliness is not only for hygiene but also for reliability of the whole mechanical system. It is fundamental to the overall efficiency of operations.

However, conveyor cleaning can prove to be a monumental task, with hundreds of metres of conveyor system requiring regular care and attention, which if conducted manually, can consume hundreds of hours of worker time.   

KHD Technology has designed a wide selection of leading conveyor belt cleaning systems that make conveyor belt hygiene simple, safe and cost effective as well as addressing the four D’s of robotisation.

Conveyor Cleaners

No more monotony

As mentioned above, the cleaning of a conveyor belt system can be an incredibly difficult and repetitive task. Work of this nature is not only costly to businesses in terms of labour hours, it also poses the risk of sapping employee morale, leading to a less happy and productive working environment.

Automated conveyor cleaners remove the need for such heavy manual exertion. Our systems typically clean conveyor belts to a higher, more meticulous standard (particularly important in food production) as well as freeing up people for more strategic and rewarding tasks, contributing to an overall improvement in operations.

Goodbye manual cleaning

With thousands of food products transported each day conveyor belts naturally accumulate debris, dust and oils from the manufacturing process, leading to quality issues and often posing a risk to the smooth running of the mechanical system.

Often, many businesses resort to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals to ensure the cleanliness of their conveyor systems, which add further risk to workers, the belt material and also to product quality.

Automated conveyor cleaners not only protect workers from exposure to these hazards, removing the risk of respiratory problems and skin irritation associated with manual cleaning, but with our dry steam cleaners, conveyor belts can be cleaned effectively with high-temperature, low-moisture steam to easily remove debris without harsh chemicals.

Safety first

Manual conveyor belt cleaning can be a risky task. Exposure to cleaning chemicals, reaching over moving machinery or navigating slippery surfaces during cleaning adds to the risk of accidents and injuries.

Operating independently, automated conveyor belt cleaners keep human workers safely out of harm’s way. Simply put, having fewer workers around moving machinery and away from tedious tasks translates to a real reduction in accident rates, downtime and associated costs.

Cost-effective cleaning

Better cleaning in place can mean less need for frequent belt removal, and extended belt life. It also fees-up expensive engineering time for belt removal.

Automated solutions not only elevate safety standards but also unlock a world of increased efficiency and cost savings by conducting thorough cleaning at regular intervals, preventing product contamination and production downtime.

Time to automate your conveyor belt cleaning?

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