Unique Conveyor Belt Steam Cleaning Solutions

Established in 1998, KHD Technology (also known as Keith Handy Design Ltd) has been providing effective, powerful steam cleaning solutions for conveyor belts for 25 years. Initially designed to provide efficient, low-energy dry cleaning for conveyors in food production facilities, our portfolio has expanded, offering solutions for a wide range of steam cleaning applications.

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KHD Spinner with steam for food factory

Market-leading Cleaning Systems for Conveyor Belts

Following an industrial design degree and roles within manufacturing and the rail industry, Keith Handy set up his own business creating an application for steam generators. Originally created to harness the power of portable steam generators for large scale cleaning, the designs effectively pioneered the market, providing a system that harnessed all the available steam, making it powerful and usable for cleaning in the food industry where cleaning standards need to be high.

For 25 years, facilities around the globe have utilised KHD Technology belt cleaning machinery. Our solutions are designed to slot neatly into existing cleaning regimes quickly, hugely increasing productivity. KHD Technology solutions are made to enable operators to do their job better, faster, and more efficiently.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Efficient and Effective

KHD Technology solutions use water only and no chemicals, making them ideal for food production. Converting tap water into high-powered dry steam is at the core, using as little as 10-30 litres of tap water per hour. Our conveyor belt hygiene solutions are the most powerful and effective on the market. Furthermore, they are designed to fit comfortably into the widest range of scenarios within factories and production facilities.

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Your Journey with KHD

Whether you have questions or are ready to begin your journey with KHD, Keith is on hand to discuss your requirements, over the phone or in person. Our process involves discussing in-depth your current setup, needs and any challenges you may have – we identify the problems in order to find the best solution.

In many parts of the world, we provide on-site consultation and demonstration of our products at your facility, showing you what results you can expect and agreeing which solution will work best for your needs. We are also able to work on custom applications if required.

Our products are technology-based, design-led and can be tailored based on the collaborative work we do with you. Unlike some companies where selling quantity is key, we focus on quality and can produce any number from one machine to many.

KHD Values

The KHD Technology range is unique. Our design-led ethos is based around supplying environmentally responsible, reliable, easy-to-use belt cleaning solutions that enhance cleaning quality and efficiency.

Our products offer:

  • Repeatability – a continuously high level of cleaning
  • Adaptability – a range that can be easily tailored to suit customer requirements
  • Usability – products that are simple to use, often portable for use on multiple conveyors
  • Innovation and creativity – we constantly push our technology to be the best and are not constrained by manufacturing techniques
  • Originality – we 100% design and develop and manufacture our own products, bridging the gap between problem and solution
  • Quality – products that have been continuously quality tested and developed to be the best available
  • Sustainability – our systems significantly lower the environmental impact of cleaning regimes
  • Global application – we carefully select partners around the world and deal direct with end users

Our staff are the foundation of our quality and success. With essentially no staff turnover, the expertise and experience we have gained over the past 25 years have remained in-house. And we’re always working on the next iteration, the next application, the next problem to solve.

The KHD Way

We strive to offer all our customers the most relevant and effective solution for their needs. We believe every facility should benefit from a powerful, efficient and environmentally-responsible conveyor belt hygiene solution. We offer a range of systems and designs to suit almost every scenario, so we can find the best KHD Technology cleaner for you. Just get in touch and begin the conversation with one of our expert staff.

KHD Technology

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