Established in 1998, KHD Technology (also known as Keith Handy Design Ltd) has been providing effective, powered-steam cleaning solutions for conveyor belts for over 20 years. Initially designed to provide efficient, low-energy cleaning for conveyors in food production facilities, our portfolio has expanded, offering solutions for a wide range of steam cleaning applications.

The KHD Technology range is unique. Our ethos is based around supplying environmentally friendly, easy to use belt cleaning solutions, without sacrificing cleaning quality or efficiency.

For two decades, facilities around the globe have utilised KHD Technology belt cleaning machinery. Our solutions are designed to slot neatly into existing cleaning regimes quickly, hugely increasing productivity. KHD Technology solutions are made to enable operators to do their job better, faster, and more efficiently.

Efficient and effective

KHD Technology solutions use water only and no chemicals, making them ideal for food-focused areas. Converting tap water into high-powered steam is at the core, using as little as 10-30 litres of tap water per hour. Our conveyor belt hygiene solutions are some of the most powerful and effective on the market. Furthermore, they are designed to fit comfortably into the widest range of scenarios within factories and production facilities.

The innovative design of our systems fit well into companies pursuing a significantly lower environmental impact cleaning regime.

The KHD way

We strive to offer all our customers the most relevant and effective solution for their needs. We believe every facility should benefit from a powerful, efficient and environmentally responsible conveyor belt hygiene solution. We offer a range of systems and designs to suit almost every scenario, so there will likely be a KHD Technology cleaner for you.

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