At KHD Technology, our top of the range conveyor belt cleaning systems are designed to make hygiene simple and easy, providing to food processing facilities and beyond. We strive to design and supply world leading conveyor belt cleaning solutions alongside expert customer service, using our informative FAQs page, you can find all the information you need in relation to our innovative products, or contact us here if you wish to know even more.

What is an industrial steam cleaner?

Industrial steam cleaners are the highest level in portable steam cleaners. The increased power these industrial steam cleaners offer, means a higher volume of steam released at a greater force.

The KHD industrial steam generators range from 9kW to 36kW. As the kilowattage increases, so does the amount of steam produced, this results in the steam being released at a greater rate and at force. 

Contact KHD to find out what industrial steam generator would be required for your application.

How do you steam clean conveyor belts?

KHD Technology are world-leading experts in conveyor belt cleaning using steam technology. We have manufactured the widest range of conveyor belt steam cleaners available anywhere, which vary depending upon which conveyor belt you are cleaning:

Modular Mesh Conveyor Belts (plastic and metal) – The complex belt structure makes modular and mesh conveyor belts notoriously hard to clean. However, the patented KHD Jet System 4 with patented Spinner is specifically designed to clean these conveyor belt systems.

The Jet 4 system is portable and fully adjustable to fit virtually any conveyor width, and sitting securelyclips onto the edge of the conveyor frame, it’s programmed to cover the width of the conveyor belt releasing a dry steam vapour, through carefully engineered jets to create the optimum cleaning power. The intense combination of pressure and heat removes the debris and germs from the belt.

Flat Conveyor Belts (polymer belts including PU and monolithic) – For flat polymer belts we have a range of steam cleaning equipment available, the models include portable systems with or without brushes and patented single or dual head fixed systems. Contact us today to discuss which system is suitable for your application.

The steam cleaning systems for polymer conveyor belts, sit over the entire width of a belt and releases steam over the full surface and edges as the conveyor belt passes through. A version with a food-grade brush is also available to remove stubborn debris. 

Special conveyor belts – For conveyor belts that are unconventional or in hard to reach areas we offer a range of cleaning systems, from a hand held steam cleaner to fully customised systems. Get in touch to find out more.

What is dry steam?

Dry steam is generated by boiling water inside a closed vessel to a preset pressure, which will reach a higher temperature while under pressure, and when the pressurised steam is released into normal atmosphere it instantly expands, like a continuous explosion (the hiss) and almost instantly cools to 100˚C at the point of release creating a low moisture vapour that KHD harnesses in different ways for cleaning tasks.

Dry steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning food factories and dry environments, as there is no waiting time for the conveyor belts to dry. 

When using dry steam there is no requirement for detergents or cleaning agents, this is because the combined heat and force of the dry steam removes mould and bacteria and breaks down debris and allergens.

Can dry steam get rid of grease?

Yes, dry steam breaks down stubborn grease quickly and easily. Steam cleaning is said to be the best way to clean greasy surfaces, as it negates the need to scrub or use strong chemicals to loosen the dirt.

Do I need to use cleaning agents or detergents with my industrial steam cleaner?

No, the powerful steam vapour loosens the dirt and the high temperature kills mould and other harmful bacteria and breaks down debris and allergens.