Steam Cleaners for Modular and Mesh Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Modular and mesh conveyor belts are used in a wide range of applications, notably in bread factories and other dry bakery environments. Though the use of modular and mesh conveyors is popular and necessary to cool food produce, the complex belt structure is notoriously difficult to clean in dry environments, with the potential for trapped debris to build-up, potentially harbouring mould that can transfer to produce.

Traditional Cleaning Methods vs. Dry Steam Cleaning

Common methods of cleaning have repercussions within the factory, for example, wet cleaning systems often involve deep cleaning using harsh chemicals that can damage belts over time. Wet cleaning in dry environments can increase the risk of the growth of microorganisms and require extensive drying times.

All too often factories are forced to dismantle and remove conveyor belts and take them to a wet room to jet wash and clean down. The conveyor belt then needs to dry completely before being reinstalled onto the machinery and further sanitised when in place. This process is long, complex and costly.  Not only is it the cost of the engineers to dismantle the machinery, but the cost implications of the machinery downtime, for every minute the machinery isn’t operational there is a reduction in the production and the bottom line. 

KHD Technology offers an alternative smarter, more efficient solution in the form of our Mesh Conveyor Belt Cleaning system where wet cleaning is not possible or practical.

With dry steam cleaning, dismantling the machinery and removal of the belts is avoided. The system sits over the conveyor belts and gets to work cleaning the system as the belt passes through. The KHD systems have been designed to be used by anyone with an easy-to-use interface. Once the system is configured to the cleaning area on the belt it is a case of turning on the machine and setting it to go.

Compatible steam generators: KHD09, KHD18, KHD36.

Jet System 4

Uncompromised intelligent mesh conveyor belt cleaning

Our Jet System 4 mesh conveyor belt cleaning system requires no pneumatics or cleaning chemicals, and typically uses under 30 litres of tap water an hour, making it highly environmentally friendly.

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