Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Every food producer understands the need to maintain clean conveyor belts. Cleaning and preparing belts for production is labour intensive and time-consuming. KHD Technology offers powerful solutions to this in the form of our steam-based portable flat conveyor belt cleaning systems.

Available as both a brush type conveyor belt cleaner and brushless, the portable flat conveyor belt cleaner provides one of the most productive cleaning methods available for all types of food factory.

Both the brush-type and brushless style systems harness the power of steam to break down debris and efficiently remove it using our efficient vacuum collector leaving the belt clean, dry and sanitised. Powered from our steam generator providing perfectly delivered steam from a pressure of up to 10 Bar. Requiring no harsh chemicals and typically using 10 to 26 litres of water per hour depending on the generator used, our steam conveyor belt hygiene solutions are not only effective, but friendly to both the environment and your budget.

Brushless System

Portable For Flat Belt Cleaning

Ideal for light to medium debris often found in food preparation facilities the portable steam conveyor belt cleaner works without a brush whilst still providing the highest quality cleaning.


Ideal For Food Factories

The portable flat conveyor belt cleaner is ideal for use on smooth conveyor belts. As with all KHD Technology conveyor belt cleaning systems, this conveyor belt cleaner can be used on conveyor belts with differing widths and lengths. The cleaning system can be quickly and easily fitted to the conveyor belt and set up to clean the entire surface.

Steam Cleaning Solution

The portable flat conveyor belt cleaner can be combined with any of our steam generators for the effective removal of food debris.

Brush System

Portable For Flat Belt Cleaning

The Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Steam Cleaner is also available with a brush. This complements the steam function of the cleaner to help remove more stubborn debris.


Why choose KHD Technology Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaners?

  • Reduction on downtime – our portable flat conveyor belt cleaners are fitted to the conveyor belt without the need for engineers to dismantle machinery
  • Uses dry steam – the conveyor belt cleaning systems use dry steam, making them ideal for use in ‘dry’ environments without the need for long drying times
  • Easy to use – the conveyor belt cleaners have been designed with a user-friendly interface. The system remembers your conveyor belt set-up, making this industrial steam cleaner and plug and play product

Request a Demo

We want to make sure this cleaning system is correct for you, that’s while we’ll visit your food factory and provide a demonstration. If you’re pleased with the results, we’ll provide full training and set-up advice to make sure your conveyor belts get the best clean. Request a demo here.