Each KHD Technology steam cleaning system is designed to function without resorting to harsh chemicals or additional power sources. Instead, they are powered by our specially designed, powerful industrial steam generators. We offer a range of generators to suit each application depending on the cleaning task and available power.

Some companies describe their steam generators as having ‘superheated’ steam when in fact they are producing saturated steam. Boiling water under pressure raises the boiling point to higher levels, at 10 bar the boiling point is approximately 180˚C, this is sometimes wrongly described as superheated. As soon as the pressurised steam is released into the atmosphere it expands and almost instantly cools to below 100˚C.

Saturated steam is the most useful form of steam for cleaning and sanitising because it gives-up it’s energy readily, superheated steam does not. How saturated steam is delivered will vary from application to application. Some applications require ‘dry steam’ where the steam droplet size is minimised, the droplet size and wetness is adjusted for other applications. Understanding and controlling the characteristics of steam is essential for successful cleaning applications.

Below you will find a list of our steam generators as well as their specifications. For more information, or to discuss your steam generator needs, get in touch via our contact form or call us on 07966 447770.

KHD Doman Steam Generators

All KHD specification steam generators are specially uprated for conveyor belt cleaning and other industrial dry steam cleaning applications and an uncompromised general steam cleaning machine.

Unique features are included as standard for safe, neat and efficient control of all KHD products.

KHD09 Steam Generator

This 9kW steam generator is our entry-level option, ideal for powering our small to medium sized flat belt conveyor belt steam cleaners and removing light to medium debris. With a 20L on-board water reservoir you can work anywhere you have a power supply, whilst the continuous external mains water fill makes it simple and easy to ensure a constant supply.

The generator itself features both belt cleaning controls and external steam control, so it is simple and easy to manage the cleaning of your belts. With a 24VDC and 230VAC (10A max) power output, water usage levels of up to 13.2L/hr (dry), and 18L/hr max (wet), general cleaning lances and detail brushes, the KHD09 is an ideal steam generator for a range of uses.


KHD18 Steam Generator

Our mid-range steam generator, the 18kW generator provides all the same benefits and features as the 9kW option, but with a 40L on-board reservoir to improve supply.

With max water usage of 26.4L/hr max (dry), and 36L/hr max (wet), the 18kW generator is perfect for providing comprehensive cleaning for belt debris and dirt which requires a bit more force.


KHD36 Steam Generator

Using a 63A three phase power supply (5 pin socket), and featuring a max water usage of 51.6L/hr max (dry) and 66L/hr max (wet), the KHD36 is our most powerful dry steam generator. With all the same fantastic benefits and features as the other generators in our range, the KHD36 is perfect for all heavy duty conveyor belt and general cleaning needs.


Which cleaner do you need?

All our steam generators come with a range of accessories and work with systems across our product catalogue. For more information, get in touch via our contact form or call us on +44 07966 447770.