Using a 63A three-phase power supply (5 pin socket), and featuring a max water usage of 51.6L/hr max (dry) and 66L/hr max (wet), the KHD36 is our most powerful dry steam generator. With all the same fantastic benefits and features as the other generators in our range, the KHD36 is perfect for all heavy-duty conveyor belt and general cleaning needs.



  • 20L onboard water reservoir
  • Continuous external mains water fill
  • Belt cleaning controls
  • External steam control
  • 24VDC power output (10A max)
  • 230VAC power output (10A max)
  • General cleaning lance and detail brushes
  • Comprehensive optional accessories available

Features and specifications

Power socket
63A three phase (5 x pin)
Water usage
51.6L/hr max (dry), 66L/hr max (wet)
Steam pressure
10 Bar
Net weight
Size (L x W x H)
104 x 70 x 110cm

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