Return Mounted For Flat Belts

The dual fixed-head version of our fixed flat conveyor belt cleaning system is just as powerful as the single version, but features two quick-release cleaning heads for cleaning both sides of the conveyor belt. Flexibility and adaptability to any conveyor and regime are at the heart of our ethos at KHD Technology.


Not ready to make the jump from manual cleaning but want the benefits of dry steam cleaning? Or perhaps you require a portable solution for multiple conveyors? With KHD, you don’t have to choose: we also offer a Portable Flat Conveyor Belt Cleaner system, available brushless and with brush.


Features and specifications

Steam generator
9kW – 36kW
Via steam generator
Conveyor widths
Virtually any size
Weight Model
12kg for each cleaning head 1000mm
Typical water usage
7 – 13kg/hr 9kW steam generator, 10 – 26kg/hr 18kW steam generator
Steam pressure
Up to 10 Bar

Which cleaner do you need?

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