Turbo-charged accessory for hard to reach conveyor belt cleaning

A specialised hand-held accessory for rapid general cleaning on small conveyors and hard-to-reach places around your factory. The hand-held spinner has already been a hit amongst factory managers due to the ability to reduce cleaning time and make sure all areas of the factory are cleaned to a high standard.

The Hand-Held Spinner consists of a high specification technical plastic manifold that releases powerful jets of steam, resulting in a thorough clean. Due to the force the jets are released safety has been imperative in the development of this product. We have selected and used high-quality, technically sound materials only.

Running on 24VDC power provided by the KHD18 or KHD36 steam generators KHD hand-held spinners sweep around 1,200 jet passes per minute over the surface being cleaned.


Why choose the KHD Hand-Held Spinner?

  • The Hand-Held Spinner is small enough to clean those hard-to-reach places but powerful enough to give a superior clean
  • Safety has been paramount in the development of this product
  • A quick clean – the Hand-Held Spinner covers a broad working area when compared to a lance


The Hand-Held Spinner is a patented product.

Features and specifications

Smooth form with no collision protrusions
High specification technical plastic manifold - cool to touch
The 110mm model for concentrated power, the 180mm model for larger impact area for easier to remove debris
Electrical cord supplied to suit steam hose length
Trigger switch starts/stops steam and motor
Steam power: 18kW or 36-72kW
Power supply: 24VDC via KHD Jet System
Swept diameters: 110mm, 180mm
Speed: Approx 1,200 jet passes per minute
Weight: 110mm = 1.6kg, 180mm = 1.95kg


  • Small conveyor belts
  • Hard-to-reach areas around your factory
  • Checkerplate
  • Safety flooring
  • Static surfaces