Return Mounted For Flat Belts

The single fixed-head version of the fixed flat belt cleaning system is ideal for the removal of light to medium debris. Perfectly suited to long conveyors or for belts with high frequent cleaning, where build-up of food particles can cause quality or technical issues.


The cleaner works by distributing saturated steam via a full-width manifold to break down this debris and sanitise the food-contact surface. A vacuum is then used to efficiently remove any remaining debris. The use of steam in place of chemicals, brushes, and water, means the surface is immediately dry and ready for use, even for food preparation. Our aim is to make your cleaning regime as efficient as possible.


The single fixed head system also features a quick-release head for quick and easy offline cleaning. What’s more, our systems are incredibly energy efficient, using typically 10 to 26 litres of water per hour, depending on the steam generator used. It can also be hooked-up to your factory steam. Great for both the environment, and your budget.


Features and specifications

Steam generator
9kW – 36kW
Via steam generator
Conveyor widths
Virtually any size
Weight Model
12kg for cleaning head 1000mm
Typical water usage
7 – 13kg/hr 9kW steam generator, 10 – 26kg/hr 18kW steam generator
Steam pressure
Up to 10 Bar

Which cleaner do you need?

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