KHD Technology conveyor belt cleaners are designed to make conveyor belt hygiene simple and easy, raising the standards of cleaning in food processing facilities and beyond. The efficient use of saturated dry steam in our equipment provides unmatched water and energy-efficient cleaning for even the most difficult machinery.

At KHD, we strive to design and supply world-leading conveyor belt cleaning solutions with our unique steam technology at their core. The powerful, efficient nature of steam-based conveyor belt cleaning accelerates the time-consuming and resource-hungry task that is keeping industrial conveyor belts clean. We aim to save facility managers and businesses time and money, with no harsh chemicals or elbow-grease required.

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KHD specialises in the design and manufacture of products for steam cleaning conveyor belts and other dry steam cleaning applications for the food industry.

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World-leading Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Our range of cleaning systems for conveyor belts is world-leading, and we offer multiple systems for various tasks and facilities. KHD Technology solutions are designed to work within existing cleaning regimes, enabling cleaner facilities, and increasing efficiency. There are no pneumatics required, or complicated control mechanisms. Simply hook up the steam generator and let the conveyor cleaning systems do their work.

Although KHD Technology conveyor belt hygiene systems are used primarily in food-production facilities, tackling grease and food matter with ease, they can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Grime, oil, mould, and dirt are no match for the incredible power of our dry steam cleaning systems.

If you are responsible for the hygiene and maintenance of conveyor belts, and need an efficient, cost-effective cleaning system, KHD Technology steam-based belt cleaners could be the answer.

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