Keep your conveyor belts cool and clean

Mesh conveyor belts are commonplace in the bread and bakery industry, chosen for lines that require quick and even cooling of produce after baking. The intricate geometry of these conveyor belts can often prove hard to keep clean and susceptible to harbouring mould spores.

Many production facilities rely on manual labour to brush clean the conveyor belts followed by spraying with alcohol solution. The man hours spent on keeping these belts clean cost businesses a significant amount of money, and unfortunately this cleaning strategy isn’t as effective as it could be.

In some facilities, soiled belts are regularly dismantled and cleaned on floors with pressure washers. This often requires engineering staff and can be physically challenging. After refitting the conveyors, they then need a further dose of sanitiser before production can start. While belt deep cleaning is necessary from time to time, the less a business needs to do it, the more money it will save.

What do hygiene managers need to know?

If you’re struggling with a mesh conveyor belt that is susceptible to mould growth, you may be scratching your head for an alternative solution to traditional methods, which doesn’t involve someone using a brush. Conveyor belt cleaners from KHD, powered by our industrial steam generators are the answer. This equipment produces “dry steam” that is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria, tackle mould, and remove grease easily.

These systems are available in a range of sizes and portability, and can be simply fitted onto existing and new production lines. If you’re looking for “dry”, chemical free cleaning that eradicates mould spores, this automated solution really is a no-brainer.

For one KHD customer, the introduction of our conveyor belt cleaning equipment was able to carry out the equivalent of 12 man-hours of cleaning, in just one hour. The less time a conveyor line is out of action for cleaning, the more product can be processed and dispatched.

Upskilling staff

Not only will your cleaned conveyor belts improve product cooling and reduce stress on the belts, it will also reduce the stress on your limited but most valuable resources, your staff . If you can take a member of the cleaning team away from a task that falls into the dull, dirty or dangerous category, which manually brushing conveyor belts arguably falls into, then why wouldn’t you?

By installing automated conveyor belt cleaners, you can upskill staff to effectively use and maintain the machinery on multiple conveyor belts throughout the factory. It’s a win for the business, and a win for the cleaning employee who will no doubt feel a higher level of job satisfaction.

Ready to tackle your cleaning challenges?

Let’s discuss your specific production line requirements. The chances are, we’ve got the equipment you need to solve your cleaning problems. Even if you think your production line has an awkward footprint or challenging requirements, we are up for the challenge. Our design-led team often creates bespoke, non-standard machinery for our customers when required.

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