Sustainability is Key

During the summer months, the UK has begun to see bouts of very dry weather, which have contributed to the deterioration of lakes, reservoirs and other large bodies of water. With only 35% of the average rainfall falling during July 2022, leading to droughts and loss of water, Yorkshire reported a 20% decrease of water in their reservoirs. This has put a huge emphasis on saving water and what techniques we can embrace in industry to reduce the amount of water used.

In Europe, water used in industry for cooling, manufacturing, cleaning and employee-use accounts for 40% of total water consumption. It is likely that pressures to reduce water use in the manufacturing sectors will be encouraged and potentially enforced in the near future. One of the methods factories and manufacturing facilities could use to reduce their water consumption is industrial steam cleaning – an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective method using substantially less water for cleaning than traditional practices.

Read on below to find out more about how steam cleaning and other changes can help your business to become more sustainable.

Benefits of dry steam cleaning

How to Optimise Water Consumption

There are a number of ways that businesses, particularly those in the food or hospitality sector, can employ to help save water:

  • Reuse/recycle water – this process involves collecting used water for subsequent use elsewhere; for example, for fire fighting, cooling water or environmental restoration. 
  • Maintenance and operation – maintaining your facilities and equipment is important to ensure that there are no leaks or other causes of water loss. Training staff on the correct use of equipment and making them aware of business and environmental targets can help promote good practices and reduce water wastage.
  • Cleaning equipment – using the correct equipment is imperative to reducing the water wastage and keeping your cleaning methods cost-effective. Before you begin cleaning, you’ll need to research what equipment you are going to need for the application you wish to use it on. You may want to consider how much water you’re going to require, what functionality you’re going to need from your equipment and how you’re going to be using it.

What is Industrial Steam Cleaning?

Industrial steam cleaners consist of a generator equipped with a boiler that has the ability to generate large amounts of steam. This can be used for extended periods of time to clean away oil, grease and contaminants that could harbour harmful bacteria. Some steam cleaners can reach temperatures under pressure of 185°C which when released creates force at near 100˚C that is highly beneficial for disinfecting or sanitising surfaces or equipment. Steam generators are ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces meaning they are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes and applications onsite.

Environmentally-friendly Steam Cleaning

Sustainability has become paramount for many businesses around the world, so it’s no surprise that it may be something you’re looking for when it comes to industrial cleaning. Steam cleaning for industry is one of the most sustainable ways you can ensure cleanliness in your business. Steam cleaners don’t use as much water as traditional cleaning methods, but another bonus is that they also don’t use chemicals. Steam comes from water alone, so it doesn’t cause any chemical harm to the environment. This method of cleaning can reduce water use by over 90%, meaning you can become a more sustainable business by changing the way you clean.

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Handheld industrial steam cleaner for conveyor belts