Accessories For KHD Steam Generators

Every KHD specification steam generator is supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories for general steam cleaning. Special accessories can be manufactured to suit unique cleaning challenges. Just ask.

Features and specifications

Pistol Grip Hose
6m - other lengths available
Standard Lance
Length 450mm, fits detail brushes
Short Lance
Length 100mm
Lance Extension
Length 450mm
Narrow Fan Jet
Length 450mm, width 20mm
Wide Fan Jet
Length 450mm, width 45mm
Detail brushes
Nylon, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large
Hose Adapter
Hose adapter for KHD applications
Insulated stems
Rugged quick release fittings
Cool-touch non-metallic fan jets
Other tools, variants, sizes available
Starter set of brushes, consumable items
Keys and O Rings for maintenance
Soft touch leather gloves